With over many years of service in the solid surface and stone industries in the Tampa Bay area, American Countertop has developed a reputation for professionalism and high quality amongst its clients.

Our clients range from large regional builders, to individuals just like you, and our offices are setup to accomodate both. We have a fully automated fabrication process, that allows us to produce exact cuts quicker than most other facilities, which translates to faster turnaround and smoother installations for our clients.

With a tremendous capacity between our separate stone and Corian fabrication facilities, we can handle any project. We also have several quality control points throughout the process, and the ability to hand cut especially custom or difficult pieces to your exact specifications.

We are also one of the few stone fabricators in the state that sells on the basis of true per square foot. You pay for only what you need, the remaining pieces are stocked in our remnant yard, where we sell them at discounted prices to those who only need to do a small bathroom.

Contact us today to learn more, and thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you.